10 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh


Business Ideas in Bangladesh: After getting liberation from Pakistan, Bangladesh is passing through a golden time. In the past, Bangladesh has never seen these types of development. One of the main causes of the development is educational development. Education in Bangladesh is improving very fast. Every year 7,00,000 students are completing their graduation. Most of them are being unemployed because of lack of opportunity in the workplace. For this reason, I am going to share with you 10 best profitable small business ideas in Bangladesh. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you will be the correct person for my suggestion.

Business Ideas in Bangladesh [Small & Profitable]

Home Delivery Service

It is one the best initiative idea at the recent time. Because both male and female are getting engaged in the job sector. For this reason, they are not getting enough time to buy something from the market. So you can deliver your service to their doorstep.


It is one of the big opportunities for the young who want to establish their careers in an E-commerce sector. You can take photos of your product and post it on the internet. Social media are very important to publish your product. By this, you can create a big market of your product.


Freelancing is another good idea of being self-employed. You can take a course on it and be a freelancer. You can earn more money by less investment. You also can work from home. The government of Bangladesh is giving some free courses on freelancing work.

Cow Farming

You can start your farming business by buying one or some cows. You can sell the cow during the Ed-UL-Adha. During this time, the price of the cow becomes very high. You can fosterage the cow at your home by less investment. By this you also can create opportunities for some unemployment people in your community by giving them jobs in your cow farm. By this, you can be a very good entrepreneur.

Fish Cultivation

The demand of the fish is increasing day by day. You can sublease a pond from the farmer and you can cultivate fish in the pond. It is one of the best profitable business in the modern time. You can be an entrepreneur by less investment.

Biryani Shop Business

There are many places in our cities. Where you will not find a Biryani Shop. The Biryani is a very popular food in Bangladesh. You can start a business with the Biryani shop in your locality. Not only you, but also you can share the idea with your friends because it is a very profitable business. By this business, you can be self-dependent easily.

1 to 99 Shop

These types of shop are becoming very popular day by day. The main reason is that most of the people of our country want a product in cheap rate. You can keep some cosmetics for women and girls. Women and girls are very eager to wear ornaments. It would be very profitable for you.

Gift Shop

The idea of gift shop is one of the best ideas for business in Bangladesh. There have so many ceremonies in our country. Western cultures are influencing the people of our country. As a result, the demand of gift is increasing day by day. So it would be one of the most profitable businesses for you.

Home Tutor

It is one of the easiest and non-investment business idea in our country. Every student needs a home tutor for their study. If you are the specialist of any subject, you can contact with the guardians to be the tutor of their children. It will also help you to build your career in the future.

ICT Coaching

If you are from an ICT background, you can run coaching on ICT education. There has a great demand of the ICT subject. Every student even parent is very enthusiastic to learn this subject. Most of the people are searching to learn ICT. It would be a great idea for a small business in Bangladesh.

More Business Ideas in Bangladesh!

There are thousand traditional & unique business ideas available around us. Do you really want to become your own boss? Then you should start a small business. According to our country perspective, it is better to start a business than looking for a job. I’ve shared only 10 business ideas which can be small but profitable. If you want more unique business ideas. Then let us know through comments. Good luck for your business!

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