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BD Job Circular! According to my online research about jobs in Bangladesh. I found that most of Bangladeshi unemployed peoples are looking for BD Job Circular here and there online. It became a trending keyword from past few years. The reason behind that unemployment rate is increasing in Bangladesh. Based on this issue, many job sites posting job circulars. Today in this post I will share various information about BD Job Circular. Because, maybe you don’t know! There are a lot of cheating is happening based on this popular issue. So, you should know all the real information & ugly truth about job opportunities in Bangladesh!

Unemployment in Bangladesh – Ugly Truth!

It is little bit hard to find the accurate statistics about the unemployment in Bangladesh. Because many organizations publish statistics data about unemployment rate of Bangladesh. If you compare those reports, you will find some differences. But, all those reports indicate that unemployment rate is increasing at an alarming rate in Bangladesh.

According to World Bank, the unemployment rate of Bangladesh in 2017 was 4.37%. It calculated based on the total number of labor force who are actively looking for jobs. Most of the unemployed peoples are young educated. Most of Bangladeshi news media published that 39% of the total unemployed peoples are Young & most of them are educated like as HSC passed or graduated. It is very bad signal for development of Bangladesh.

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Now, come about the reason behind the unemployment rate of Bangladesh. Yes, it is quite impossible to define all the problems. But the major 2 reason is unskilled labor force & limited career vacancies. In our country, most of the unemployed peoples are unskilled. That means, they are looking for jobs. But they have not the skill related qualification to get job. Alongside this problem, limited career opportunity is another liable issue for making peoples unemployed.

How To Find Jobs in Bangladesh (BD Job Circular)

If you are a unemployed person. You may search here & there for job circulars. Yes, it is the current situation which is applicable for unemployed peoples in Bangladesh. So, If tell about the job searching process. Then, I have to talk about all the media by which Bangladeshi job circular has been published! Before few years ago, job recruiter company usually published their job circulars in printed newspapers. Actually, it was the only popular media for publishing job vacancy news. But now a days, online became the most popular & main media to publish job circulars. Companies publish their job circular in their official website. Alongside, printed newspaper & online job portal websites also spread the job circulars or job opportunities. According to current situation, now you can also get bd job circulars on social media sites & by android apps. So, by accumulating all the media sources of bd job circular. We can say that you can find jobs in Bangladesh through printed newspapers, recruiter official website, online job sites, social media sites & android apps.

Best Job Site in Bangladesh For BD Job Circular

When you will search for bd job circular in google. You will find a lot of websites which are showing job circulars which you are looking for. But the problem is that, all of them aren’t reliable site. Because a few sites are only reputed & verified job circular publishing media. Other sites are showing also job circulars. But they aren’t officially allowed to circulating job vacancies. Now a days, job recruiters collect applications from only reputed & their partner job sites. So, it is wise to find job circular on those reliable sites only. I am sharing such kind of well known & best job site in Bangladesh. Which are regularly posting a lot of bd job circular & you are welcome to apply online against those job vacancies: – Largest Job Site in Bangladesh is the largest & most reputed online job board to search career opportunities in Bangladesh. You can find thousand number of active job vacancies all time in bdjobs. They are also official partner to recruiting employees. So, you can also apply online for their published jobs. Simply, you have to sign up on their website & you have to build your online CV. Then you will easily able to apply jobs online in their site. So, to find jobs in bangladesh, visit now

Tips to Find Real BD Job Circular 2019

Are you little bit confused to see that title? Yes, I know! No problem, I am explaining to you. Maybe you are an ordinary online users who are simple go to google & search for your desired job circulars. After searching, google present a lot of websites consist of job circulars. But as I told through my whole writing, all the sites aren’t enough reliable. Some of website post fake bd job circular to attract you. Because if you visit their website they will earn money by various ways. In some case, they post fake job vacancies to fraud with you. So, please take the matter seriously. I am mentioning some tips by which you can find authentic & real bd job circular online:

  • Always follow reputed online job sites
  • Verify job circulars by checking recruiter’s official website
  • Try to avoid those attractive job offers which seems to suspicious
  • Don’t believe job circulars which are posted from unauthentic Facebook pages/groups
  • Always try to use your common sense when you are looking for bd job circular

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